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February 28, 2011

Top 5: Sib Sets

by The Girl

We love siblings, especially those that get along. They are rather hard to find on TV though.

The Girl:

  1. Bright & Amy Abbott (Everwood)
  2. Katie & Emily Fitch (Skins)
  3. Meredith & Lexie Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)
  4. Damon & Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
  5. Adam, Sarah, Crosby, & Julia Braverman (Parenthood)

The Boy Wonder:

  1. Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, & Justin Walker (Brothers & Sisters) …they get along, right…?
  2. Simon & River Tam (Firefly)
  3. Hilda & Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty)
  4. Prue, Piper, & Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed)
  5. Isabel & Max Evans (Roswell)
February 28, 2011

This Week’s Favorite Guest Stars

by The Girl

This week had some excellent guest stars. Some favorites highlighted below:

America Ferrera as Natalie Flores on The Good Wife

Chloe Moretz as Kaylie Hooper on 30 Rock

Laura Breckenridge (from Related & I just remembered she was on Gossip Girl too!) on Grey’s Anatomy

Adrian Pasdar looking very Nathan Petrelli in his suit as Agent Mark Fallon on Castle

February 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

by The Girl