The Fifth Column Has A Lot of Free Time

by The Girl

I’m finally catching up on this season of V. Last night I watched episode four “Unholy Alliance.” My roommate & I talked about Skins during almost the entire episode we were so bored. But there was one thing I noticed that seemed a bit unnecessary

Apparently Eli Cohn & the rest of Fifth Column must be getting a bit bored between murders. Because really how much time & effort did they put into making that silhouette DVD of mystery? It seems like an absurd amount of energy went into being cryptic & stealth, especially considering there were planning on MEETING FACE-TO-FACE with the person they sent the video. I can see it now…

Lackey: Okay, yes, sit right there. Perfect! The backlight it completely blocking you out. Wait, no, to your left a bit. No, YOUR left!
Eli Cohn: Is it recording? What is that flashing red light? Did we start?

Why couldn’t they just record a bit of audio if all they wanted was for them to hear a message? or you know, LEAVE A NOTE?

As a rogue terrorist group they have a pretty good budget for DVDs and recording equipment.

3 Comments to “The Fifth Column Has A Lot of Free Time”

  1. Remember that time I saw “John May Lives” graffiti on the subway?

    Also, Naomi: Get to Know Me

  2. Also, I’m picturing it. And it’s Eura.

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