Ken Leung on The Good Wife

by The Girl

This past week on The Good Wife (“Great Firewall”) featured a guest appearance by Ken Leung. Leung played Shen Yuan, who was suing a blogware company for revealing his IP address to Chinese officials, which resulted in his imprisonment and torture for over five years. Out favorite law firm, Lockhart, Gardner & Bond were representing him.

The subject matter was nothing new, as this plot was a “ripped from the headlines” sort of deal. But one thing I was really impressed with was Ken Leung himself! His character spoke English with a slight-to-moderate Chinese accent. And he did it to PERFECTION. I was seriously in awe.

So many times we see those ridiculous just-for-laughs (or in our case, just-to-offend) thick caricature accents. For someone who himself does not speak with an accent, Ken Leung did an AWESOME job for the specific character he was supposed to play. The accent sounded so real and just RIGHT. Probably because I’ve heard it within my own family and Leung probably has too.

10,000 points for you, Ken Leung! You are the man!


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