Top 5: GET OFF THE SHOW, Wait Now You’re My Favorite

by The Girl

Sometimes the introduction of a character does not go over well with us. They snatch up screen time that could be better used showing a character we ACTUALLY care about. The next thing you know you’ve made up a endearing nickname & are quoting all their lines.

Here are our Top 5 characters we initially hated, but now LOVE

The Girl:

  1. Ivy Sullivan (90210)
  2. Ben Linus (Lost)
  3. Anna (The Vampire Diaries)
  4. April Kepner (Grey’s Anatomy)
  5. Ana Lucia Cortez (Lost)

Ben didn’t win the number one spot only because his annoyance level was heavily based on frustration level due to his unknown intentions (is he lying? who is he? WHY IS HE BEING SO CREEPY! omg Sayid is going to beat him to death & I don’t care!) Whereas as Ivy was just plain annoying at the beginning. But now I love her so!

The Boy Wonder:

  1. Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries)
  2. Sawyer (Lost)
  3. Britta Perry (Community)
  4. Ellen Tigh (Battlestar Galactica)
  5. Sophia Maguire (The Event)

2 Comments to “Top 5: GET OFF THE SHOW, Wait Now You’re My Favorite”

  1. ellen tigh…what a whore. i love her.

  2. IVES! plus, what a glory shot of Caroline. hahaha.
    ANA LUCIA. It’s amazing she’s on this list at all, considering how much you claimed to hate her.

    1. Nick Levan (Skins)
    2. Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl)
    3. Juliet Burke (Lost) – I honestly can’t remember if I ever hated her, so this might be a lie
    4. Ashley Marin (Pretty Little Liars) – don’t know if I hated her either, but man DO I LOVE HER

    Also, Anna? Really? Did we ever like Anna? For anything other than her ethnic background?

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