I wonder if she’s done something about that mustache…

by The Girl

So, I just found out about this today. Sofia Black-D’Elia & Blaine Morris* apparently live together. As in, Tea & Betty from US Skins are roommates. I found out about this today, you know AFTER the show aired its season (series?) finale.


It’s just so telling that no one cares about this:

But if this had happened? The world would have stopped spinning

Just imagine a world in which Kat Prescott & Lily Loveless were roommates. You would then also have to imagine a lot of people breaking into their flat. (I would be one of them)

Back to Sofia & Blaine. I’m glad they live together though, that’s cute! yay for being friends!

*just have to say that Blaine Morris is an awesome name!

4 Responses to “I wonder if she’s done something about that mustache…”


    Also, I think “Sofia Black-D’elia” is a pretty badass name as well. Although it seems weird complimenting someone’s name in a post that mentions Lily Loveless and complimenting a name OTHER than “Lily Loveless”.

    If kat and lily lived together? TEH GRAY-TEST!


  2. also, while googling “I love you more than cheese” to see if that would, in fact bring someone to the world of Naomily in spite of that line never actually being spoken aloud,* I found this piece of greatness in a facebook group (remember when those mattered!?) awww: http://i49.tinypic.com/24o25ol.png

    *it does

  3. Also, post needs the tag:


    You don’t want the people to cry when they find out this didn’t happen.

    And cry they will.

    (okay I’ll stop commenting now.)


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