The Week in Pictures

by The Girl

How I Met Your Mother – S06E19 “Legendaddy”


Castle – S03E18 “One Life to Lose”

The amount of recognizable guest stars in this episode was out of control.

The Chicago Code – S01E07 “Black Hand & the Shotgun Man”

America’s Next Top Model – S16E05 “Rachel Zoe”

I don’t know how she did it, but Monique managed to become the most hilarious person on this cycle. Or possibly any.


Modern Family – S02E18 “Boys’ Night”

Parks & Recreation – S03E08 “Camping”


Community – S02E19 “Critical Film Studies”

30 Rock – S05E18 “Plan B”

I cannot believe they mentioned the Roswell hotsauce thing!


Grey’s Anatomy – S07E17 “This Is How We Do It”

The Office – S07E19 “Garage Sale”


2 Comments to “The Week in Pictures”

  1. Top Model: OMG MONIQUE. I LOVE YOU. FOREVER. Also, just looking at your three caps, do you ship Monique/Molly or something? Mollinique? Monilly? I personally ship Molly/Her Real Hair.

    Also, I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, but is it always so freaking dark? It’s like TVD!

    Also, Rashida looks adorable in that Parks and Rec cap.

    And yay Michael and Holly!

  2. i knew you would reference robin’s “expelliarmus!” in an upcoming blog…that whole scene is literally my favorite robin moment!

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