90210: How? What? Really? Is That Possible?

by The Girl

There is currently a question posted on the 90210 Facebook page asking fans to vote for their favorite couple on the show.

Shockingly enough, Liam & Annie have a commanding lead! I wasn’t aware people actually liked Annie them together (I know I don’t)! Thankfully, Naomi & Max are a solid second. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Josh Zuckerman be made a series regular. Nothing besides better choices for the above question that is! These are what our options should be!


2 Comments to “90210: How? What? Really? Is That Possible?”

  1. Laughed way too hysterically at all of these. NAOMI AND IVY! DIXON AND NAVID! OSCAR AND LAUREL! LOLOLOLOL.

    you should also add:

    Navid and Summer
    Silver and Spencer Hastings
    Ivy and Weed
    Naomi and her cardboard cutouts

  2. I’m going to admit, Liam and Annie are really cute. I love them as a couple more than Liam and Naomi. When I watch the show, Liam really shows how much he loves Annie despite their interests clashing. ❤

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