About Us

Straight Up with a Plot Twist is the collaboration of two siblings who love TV more than they love each other.

The Boy Wonder:

Resides in the California Bay Area, hates procedurals, takes his water with no ice, will eat anything if it is filled with cheese, gasps at the drop of a hat, & would choose a corn dog over filet mignon every time.

The Girl:

Resides in the NYC Metropolitan area, loves quoting Skins in everyday settings, likes all the wrong things, plays kickball, spends almost as many hours reading as watching TV, walks to work, & has never had a headache.

Together they:

Love being hapa, hate cilantro, are probably taller than you, have never tried figgy pudding, will never be golden, love cheez whiz, & cite their greatest achievement as a birthday present given in July 2008.


2 Comments to “About Us”

  1. I love everything about you guys! Should be named The Girl Marvel and the Boy Wonder.

  2. Oh how I love this. I really loved the post about HIMYM…what an effing rip off! Can I have a guest post some time? I also like a variety of TV programs. To prove it: I’ve watched 9 seasons of Law & Order: SVU over the last 4 weeks…that has to count for something…

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