October 4, 2011

The Secret Circle Couple

by The Girl

So we’re three episodes into The Secret Circle and there is one storyline that has me very intrigued.

Faye & Melissa.

From  the way things have been going I’m being led to believe that they are setting Faye & Melissa up as a couple, & I’m believing it alright!

I mean, it seems incredibly blatant that they are either already a couple or are soon going to be. But then sometimes I feel like that can’t actually be happening. Like Rizzoli & Isles, where it’s so apparant & you forget that it’s not part of the story. But then when you stop to think, you are aware that in the end it’s not going to turn out like we all expect.

So, really, I’d just like to know. Are Faye & Melissa the next Circle Couple? Let’s go to the evidence!

Episode 1: Pilot

1. The first time we see either Faye or Melissa they are together. Aw cute!

Episode 2: Bound

Episode 2 is our first look at the Nick & Melissa’s secret hook-ups. At one point while getting dressed, Nick asks Melissa

2. “Do you always listen to Faye?” (The answer to this questions is yes.)

And Melissa tells Nick

3. “Don’t tell anyone about this” (And by “anyone” she means “Faye,” of course)

4. At school, Faye & Melissa are lab partners (standard) & start doing magic together, which in The Secret Circle world is…ya know…bow chicka bow wow. The lab scene also has the best line of all time…or just for the purposes of this post:

Melissa: What are you doing?
Faye: Experimenting. Try it.

Spit-take worthy or what?

5. Diana is trying to convince Faye to Bind the Circle, but of course she puts up a fight. So Diana asks Melissa, “Can’t you talk to her?”

6. Melissa running to catch up with Faye

Next up is hands down my favorite scene so far in the series.

7. Ring toss. Or as it is now know, Flirty Ring Toss.

8. Nick & Faye are taking hits off a potion & being stupid. Melissa looks annoyed….and jealous.

9. At a party, Melissa watches Nick & Faye dancing. She looks absolutely miserable.

10. When Nick starts getting a little handsy, Faye says, “It’s not going to happen. Do you honestly think I would get with you?” Faye promptly walks over to Melissa.

11. Faye hands Melissa her solo cup. Melissa takes it without looking or question.

Episode 3: Loner

Melissa asks Nick to the school dance, which for now, we will disregard.

12. Nick asks Melissa, “What if Faye finds out?”

13. Faye & Melissa are doing “magic” together again. This time moving a phone across the floor.

14. Nick makes a lame comment, “I’ve got an idea what we can do with the three of us.” Faye responds, “Dream on, Nick”

15. Faye & Melissa argue about going to the school dance & whether or not it is lame.

16. Melissa tries to get Faye to come! Ah hah! Asking Nick was all a ruse!

17. At the school dance, Faye’s hilarious “Melissa!”

18. Melissa is looking all sad, so this conversation happens:

Faye: Did you come here for Nick?
Melissa: No!
Faye: Hey did something happen?
19. Faye confronts Nick, “And if you’re going to date Melissa. Treat her right. She deserves better. So do it right or get lost.”

And finally, the ultimate:

20. Nick & Melissa happily walk away together from the school. Faye looks on, proud of whipping Nick into shape. She smiles, then the smiles faulters!

So yes, they may be setting up a Melissa-Nick-Faye love triangle. But I prefer to think Nick is not a variable is this equation. Faye & Melissa as a couple seems like the way they should go/already are going!

Here’s a little diagram of what they are possibly trying to, but what is being conveyed.

Now excuse me while I go watch some ring toss.

October 2, 2011

The Best Show You’re (Probably) Not Watching

by The Girl

SLiDE is Australian series that began running in mid-August. It is centered around five teenagers in Brisbane (Ed, Tammy, Scarlett, Eva, & Luke).

For many obvious reasons, it is described (but not sold) as Australian Skins. A group of teenagers that randomly become friends, like to party, smoke spliffs, etc. But it is far less dramatic than Skins, just as funny, & much sillier.

And while the opening of the original promo (embedded below) brings to mind the Skins Gen 3 promo, give it a chance! SLiDE is rather amazing & yay for Australia producing content!

After the first episode, or even half way through it, you may think you have a favorite character. Then Scarlett in Episode 5 rolls around & makes you reconsider everything…get ready.

And remember, everyone, “Save the World or Die”….and….

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October 2, 2011

Because Who Doesn’t Love an Others Reunion

by The Girl

Hey look! It’s Mark Keeler Goodwin & Ben Linus! Are we watching Lost? Oh no, it’s Person of Interest, right.


September 9, 2011

The Newest Recruit of 15 Division

by The Girl

Look who showed up as a new recruit on the Season 2 Finale of Rookie Blue!

It’s Shannon Kook-Chun, better known as Zane Park from Degrassi!

I believe this now the fifth Degrassi actor to guest star on Rookie Blue, all in the second season. Another classic “keeping it in the Canada!” Who can forget Cory Lee (Ms. Oh) & Samantha Munro (Anya MacPherson) in episode 206? Jordan Todosey (Adam Torres) appeared in 204. And John Bregar (Dylan Michalchuk) in 209.

August 30, 2011

This is the only thing I took away from the Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars

by The Girl

I mean, right?

June 15, 2011

90210: How? What? Really? Is That Possible?

by The Girl

There is currently a question posted on the 90210 Facebook page asking fans to vote for their favorite couple on the show.

Shockingly enough, Liam & Annie have a commanding lead! I wasn’t aware people actually liked Annie them together (I know I don’t)! Thankfully, Naomi & Max are a solid second. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Josh Zuckerman be made a series regular. Nothing besides better choices for the above question that is! These are what our options should be!

June 14, 2011

The Biggest Question From the Season 2 Premiere of Pretty Little Liars

by The Girl

The second & more awkwardly placed gratuitous shirtless scene of the episode.