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March 8, 2011

Top 5: Humans

by The Girl

We’re constantly fearing for their lives and/or feeling sad for them for not knowing what’s going on. Either way they tend to get the short (or far less badass) end of the stick. Here are our Top 5 Humans on otherwise supernatural shows!

The Girl:

  1. Alaric Saltzman (The Vampire Diaries)
  2. Delores Herbig (Dead Like Me)
  3. Maria DeLuca (Roswell)
  4. Noah Bennet (Heroes)
  5. Fred Burkle (Angel)

(The Illyria bit on Angel is not being counted…obviously)

The Boy Wonder:

  1. Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
  2. Katie Andrews (No Ordinary Family)
  3. Lafayette Reynolds (True Blood)
  4. Liz Parker (Roswell)
  5. Orwell (The Cape)

We’re talking pre-meteor power manifestation Chloe. So, the first four seasons.

March 6, 2011

The Week in Pictures

by The Girl

90210 – S03E17 “Blue Naomi”

Naomi made a REALLY good Na’vi. I think that was the only take away from the entire episode, right? Well besides Ade’s revenge

Gossip Girl – “S04E17 Empire Of The Son”

Another one bites the dust. Serena’s men have no hope. You gave it a kind of good run, Ben.

Castle – S03E17 “Countdown”

Ryan & Esposito were so cute!

How I Met Your Mother – S06E18 “A Change Of Heart”

I love Nora. Maybe it’s only because she’s British. Or really attractive. Or British. Maybe. Also, I was a really big fan of the doctor! She was hilarious.

Pretty Little Liars – S01E19 “A Person of Interest”

Narration through gps. brilliant move.

Greek – S04E09 “Agents for Change”

Franny! Pledge Spidey acting like the Biebs! I can’t believe this was the penultimate episode of Greek!!!

Skins (US) – S01E07 “Michelle”

Actually good! One of the best so far. “Watch out Katie Cadie,” Michelle’s giving you a run for your money. Also, that hair+jacket. beau’iful

The Cape – S01E09 “Razer”

This is the penultimate of The Cape too!! Which is sad since the episode kind of sucked…

The Chicago Code – S01E04 “Cabrini Green”

I love the Jennifer Beals “what is going on” faces.

The Good Wife – S02E16 “Great Firewall”

Most satisfying end to an episode. LOVE Eli/Becca scenes!

Skins (UK) – S05E06 “Alo”

Brilliant as usual. The scenes with Alo & Mini were wonderful. NICK LEVAN IS AMAZING!

Degrassi – S10E37 “Jesus, Etc.”

I loved the use of the pay phone! Oh Degrassi Community School and your rigid new rules!

February 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

by The Girl