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March 29, 2011

I CAN’T EVEN begin to tell you how much I love these recaps

by The Girl

To continue on the Skins posting

If you, like me, watch any combination of the shows below,

  1. Skins
  2. US Skins
  3. Glee

then you should definitely read the recaps over at rophydoes. They are absolutely hilarious & at the same time very insightful. But more importantly they are absolutely hilarious.  And who doesn’t love a good macro!? And by “macro” I mean Australians. And by “Australians” I mean surprise Sophia. And by “surprise Sophia” I mean Angel Katie. (I think I’m getting locked on)

And I will just overlook that fact that they hate Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee). I don’t understand how you can dislike someone who takes away screen time from Will freaking Schuester. DREAM COME TRUE.

And now for your viewing pleasure! GIFs of Rin & Sophy doing some of their favorite yahoo emoticons (as seen in their video & used in all their posts)! Making a gif of actual real life people just took the creepy level up a couple thousand notches!

March 24, 2011

I wonder if she’s done something about that mustache…

by The Girl

So, I just found out about this today. Sofia Black-D’Elia & Blaine Morris* apparently live together. As in, Tea & Betty from US Skins are roommates. I found out about this today, you know AFTER the show aired its season (series?) finale.


It’s just so telling that no one cares about this:

But if this had happened? The world would have stopped spinning

Just imagine a world in which Kat Prescott & Lily Loveless were roommates. You would then also have to imagine a lot of people breaking into their flat. (I would be one of them)

Back to Sofia & Blaine. I’m glad they live together though, that’s cute! yay for being friends!

*just have to say that Blaine Morris is an awesome name!

March 6, 2011

The Week in Pictures

by The Girl

90210 – S03E17 “Blue Naomi”

Naomi made a REALLY good Na’vi. I think that was the only take away from the entire episode, right? Well besides Ade’s revenge

Gossip Girl – “S04E17 Empire Of The Son”

Another one bites the dust. Serena’s men have no hope. You gave it a kind of good run, Ben.

Castle – S03E17 “Countdown”

Ryan & Esposito were so cute!

How I Met Your Mother – S06E18 “A Change Of Heart”

I love Nora. Maybe it’s only because she’s British. Or really attractive. Or British. Maybe. Also, I was a really big fan of the doctor! She was hilarious.

Pretty Little Liars – S01E19 “A Person of Interest”

Narration through gps. brilliant move.

Greek – S04E09 “Agents for Change”

Franny! Pledge Spidey acting like the Biebs! I can’t believe this was the penultimate episode of Greek!!!

Skins (US) – S01E07 “Michelle”

Actually good! One of the best so far. “Watch out Katie Cadie,” Michelle’s giving you a run for your money. Also, that hair+jacket. beau’iful

The Cape – S01E09 “Razer”

This is the penultimate of The Cape too!! Which is sad since the episode kind of sucked…

The Chicago Code – S01E04 “Cabrini Green”

I love the Jennifer Beals “what is going on” faces.

The Good Wife – S02E16 “Great Firewall”

Most satisfying end to an episode. LOVE Eli/Becca scenes!

Skins (UK) – S05E06 “Alo”

Brilliant as usual. The scenes with Alo & Mini were wonderful. NICK LEVAN IS AMAZING!

Degrassi – S10E37 “Jesus, Etc.”

I loved the use of the pay phone! Oh Degrassi Community School and your rigid new rules!

March 2, 2011

Nothing Says Revenge Like a Topless Photo

by The Girl

There were a lot of great moments from Monday’s episode of 90210 (Blue Naomi), many of the caps will make their way into this week’s “Week in Pictures.” However, there is one thing that needs to be discussed. Adrianna’s revenge plan: send a topless photo of the girl who was cheating with your boyfriend to the entire school.

I really hope Adrianna has a folder of pictures of every single girl at West Bev topless. You know, JUST IN CASE they cross her at some point! She just goes into the locker room & it’s a revenge goldmine! I’m glad this is the SECOND time a topless photo of one of the main cast has circulated around school & by one of their friends no less!

Also, I have to include this because of the HILARIOUS image title: Cheating Whore. Who titles cellphone pictures? What is this, Skins Gen One?

But the real question. Does Silver even care? Remember way back when in Season 1 when she had a screening of her “movie”? Pretty sure the entire school saw her “doing the funky gibbon” with Dixon.

March 1, 2011

The Fifth Column Has A Lot of Free Time

by The Girl

I’m finally catching up on this season of V. Last night I watched episode four “Unholy Alliance.” My roommate & I talked about Skins during almost the entire episode we were so bored. But there was one thing I noticed that seemed a bit unnecessary

Apparently Eli Cohn & the rest of Fifth Column must be getting a bit bored between murders. Because really how much time & effort did they put into making that silhouette DVD of mystery? It seems like an absurd amount of energy went into being cryptic & stealth, especially considering there were planning on MEETING FACE-TO-FACE with the person they sent the video. I can see it now…

Lackey: Okay, yes, sit right there. Perfect! The backlight it completely blocking you out. Wait, no, to your left a bit. No, YOUR left!
Eli Cohn: Is it recording? What is that flashing red light? Did we start?

Why couldn’t they just record a bit of audio if all they wanted was for them to hear a message? or you know, LEAVE A NOTE?

As a rogue terrorist group they have a pretty good budget for DVDs and recording equipment.