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October 2, 2011

Because Who Doesn’t Love an Others Reunion

by The Girl

Hey look! It’s Mark Keeler Goodwin & Ben Linus! Are we watching Lost? Oh no, it’s Person of Interest, right.


August 30, 2011

This is the only thing I took away from the Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars

by The Girl

I mean, right?

June 14, 2011

The Biggest Question From the Season 2 Premiere of Pretty Little Liars

by The Girl

The second & more awkwardly placed gratuitous shirtless scene of the episode.

March 2, 2011

Nothing Says Revenge Like a Topless Photo

by The Girl

There were a lot of great moments from Monday’s episode of 90210 (Blue Naomi), many of the caps will make their way into this week’s “Week in Pictures.” However, there is one thing that needs to be discussed. Adrianna’s revenge plan: send a topless photo of the girl who was cheating with your boyfriend to the entire school.

I really hope Adrianna has a folder of pictures of every single girl at West Bev topless. You know, JUST IN CASE they cross her at some point! She just goes into the locker room & it’s a revenge goldmine! I’m glad this is the SECOND time a topless photo of one of the main cast has circulated around school & by one of their friends no less!

Also, I have to include this because of the HILARIOUS image title: Cheating Whore. Who titles cellphone pictures? What is this, Skins Gen One?

But the real question. Does Silver even care? Remember way back when in Season 1 when she had a screening of her “movie”? Pretty sure the entire school saw her “doing the funky gibbon” with Dixon.

March 1, 2011

The Fifth Column Has A Lot of Free Time

by The Girl

I’m finally catching up on this season of V. Last night I watched episode four “Unholy Alliance.” My roommate & I talked about Skins during almost the entire episode we were so bored. But there was one thing I noticed that seemed a bit unnecessary

Apparently Eli Cohn & the rest of Fifth Column must be getting a bit bored between murders. Because really how much time & effort did they put into making that silhouette DVD of mystery? It seems like an absurd amount of energy went into being cryptic & stealth, especially considering there were planning on MEETING FACE-TO-FACE with the person they sent the video. I can see it now…

Lackey: Okay, yes, sit right there. Perfect! The backlight it completely blocking you out. Wait, no, to your left a bit. No, YOUR left!
Eli Cohn: Is it recording? What is that flashing red light? Did we start?

Why couldn’t they just record a bit of audio if all they wanted was for them to hear a message? or you know, LEAVE A NOTE?

As a rogue terrorist group they have a pretty good budget for DVDs and recording equipment.